Staff Temperature Monitoring Solution

The HikVision stand-alone temperature screening solution will ensure that staff and visitors are compliant with protocols before entering the premises.

The HikVision Temperature Monitor is a feature-rich yet easy to use solution that offers flexibility, reliability and value. It’s proven technology and wide range of features makes it the ideal solution for any business.

This Temperature Monitor can be integrated with access control so that doors will lock and access is denied if an elevated temperature is detected or a face mask is not being worn.

Temperature measurements are displayed on the screen and logged in the system. There is also the option to connect to a PC to easily view alerts and download reports.

HikVision Temperature Monitor

Temperature Screening

• Automatically record and log temperature checks
• Fast temperature measurement mode
• Displays and logs temperature measurement on the screen
• Option to deny access if elevated temperature is detected
• Triggers voice prompt when fever is detected (record your own message)
• Fever detection can trigger nurse call, access control or local alarm sounder
• Temperature measuring range 30°C to 45°C
• Temperature accuracy +/-0.5°C
• Screening distance 0.3m to 2.0m
• Adjust temperature range for seasonal colds and flu

Face Mask Detection & Facial Recognition

• Option to deny access if face mask is not worn
• Easily turn off and on face mask requirement
• Facial recognition even when mask is worn
• Configure system to give voice prompt reminder to wear mask
• Approved visitor only option

Access Control & Other Integrations

• Deny entry if high temperature is detected or face mask is not worn
• Facial recognition access control for staff and selected visitors
• Configurable door status (open/close) when detecting fever or non-wearing of face mask
• Can integrate with access control, PC network, time & attendance, nurse call, paging and other systems.

Temperature Recording & Event Logging

• Option to connect to PC to generate and download reports
• Log temperature and attendance of staff and visitors 
• View alerts and event logs on PC when networked


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