Temperature Screening

Touch Free Temperature Screening Terminals will help to ensure that visitors with a fever or not wearing a face mask do not gain entry to your Nursing Home, Hospital or Care Centre.

Connect to Access Control to deny access if visitor has an abnormal temperature or is not wearing a face mask. No need to have staff member at door to ensure compliance.

Ideal for Hospitals, Nursing Homes & other Healthcare Facilities that need to monitor visitors and protect patients, staff & residents 24/7.

Also suitable for other workplaces including Offices, Production Facilities, Construction Sites and other commercial enterprises.


“We chose SVC’s Temperature Monitoring Solution for a number of reasons, cost was important but the integration with our current Access Control and Nurse Call system was paramount and added value compared to other standalone units. Padraig Dolan, Managing Director, Haven Wood Retirement Home, Waterford. Click here to read full testimonial.

“SVC Care Communications recently installed a temperature monitoring screen in our porch area. The screen has proven to be extremely efficient, negating the need for manual temperature checks. This has saved so much time and provides visitors with peace of mind.” Mitchell Brophy, Reception – Belmont House Nursing Home, Dublin. Click here to read full testimonial.

7 Things To Consider Before Investing In A Temperature Screening Monitor

Visitor & Staff Temperature Screening


Fast Temperature Measurement Adjustable Temperature Range

Temperature Accuracy +/-0.5C

Triggers Voice Prompt

Screening Distance 0.3m to 2.0m

Wall Mounted or Floor Stand Option

7″ Touchscreen Controls

Fever Screening

Highly accurate temperature measurement

Displays temperature measurement results

Temperature reading range
30°C to 45°C

Temperature accuracy

Face Mask Detection

Connect to Access Control to deny entry for non-compliance.

Option to configure the system to give a voice prompt if Face Mask is not being worn. Record your own message.

Access Control

Staff Facial Recognition

Connect to access control system.

Configurable door status (open/close) when detecting fever or non wearing of face mask.

Option to configure the temperature monitor for Facial Recognition allowing automatic access for staff members.