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In view of the current situation in relation to Coronavirus, we wish to reassure customers that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that service calls are carried out safely and that systems continue to be maintained.


Please be assured that technicians will adhere to the protocols of individual Nursing Homes and Care Centres as advised prior to / on arrival to site.


We will contact each customer prior to any scheduled service visit to assess the situation and make the necessary arrangements for visiting the site safely.



Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0818 480 480 if you have any queries or concerns in relation to this.


To ensure the safety of patients and residents in any healthcare facility it is crucial that the communications systems are working at all times. To ensure this, we provide clients with a level of service that is second-to-none. We provide 24/7 technical support and our factory-trained, highly experienced technicians are available to go on site 7 days a week.


We also offer servicing and maintenance contracts to any hospital or care centre regardless of whether or not we supplied the original system. The systems we service include Nurse Call, Wander Management, Staff Security and Infant Protection. We can carry out a full service on the system and issue a certificate for HIQA to confirm that the system has been maintained, tested and is in full working order.

We offer customised Service Agreements, depending on your needs. The services that can be selected include:

  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Monday to Friday on-site cover
  • 7 day on-site cover
  • On site within 24 hours of fault being reported
  • On site within 12 hours of fault being reported
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) every 12 months
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI) every 6 months
  • Each piece of equipment is tested during a PMI
  • Faulty equipment reported and replaced
  • Damaged equipment reported and replaced if required
  • Batteries replaced on all call units
  • Certificate stating all equipment tested and working for HIQA
  • Include other systems such as Wander Monitoring

Why take out a Service Agreement?

  • Priority service over clients without contracts
  • 24/7 telephone support
  • Save on expensive out-of-hours service calls
  • Lower the risk of not having a working system when you need it most
  • Certificate provided for HIQA
We Offer Tailored

Who can take out a Service Agreement with SVC Care Communications?

We can service and maintain most systems, whether we originally installed them or not. We have network of highly experienced, factory trained technicians who can ensure that your communications systems are fully operational and your staff and patients can depend on them. Please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you.


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