Just how much does a wander management system cost?

One of the most common questions we get is an obvious one: “How much does a wander management system cost?” While there is no hard and fast price, as the cost can vary widely depending on configuration and other variables, we wanted to discuss this important topic and provide as much information as possible. Here’s what to consider:What are important considerations when evaluating the cost of a wander management system?


The hardware and equipment for the wander management system is the main cost for a healthcare facility. This cost can vary greatly depending on a community’s size and needs, such as the number of doors protected, alert sophistication, resident ID capabilities and more.

Accutech offers two ResidentGuard wander management systems, the LC 1200 and the LS 2400.

Communities with a smaller wandering population that just need basic door security are a perfect fit for the LC 1200 system. It’s an entry-level wander management solution with basic door alarm, alert and resident tag capabilities.

Larger communities with more residents benefit from the additional capabilities of the LS 2400 system, with a plethora of integration and configuration options to fit any facility’s needs. Additional features include ID and photo capabilities for door alerts (to see who the resident is), reporting options, custom floor plans, nurse call integration and much more.


It’s important to consider installation costs when implementing a wander management system, as they can also differ, depending on factors such as location, the number of hours on site, configuration and building structure. We will carry out a site survey before providing a proposal so clients can be confident that the price quoted will not increase.

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