Accutech Security Introduces New ‘Wander Wearable’

Accutech’s “wander wearable” is a waterproof, wearable style device designed exclusively for it’s wander-management solution, ResidentGuard. The wristband/tag combination protects wander-prone residents when used in combination with alarms and other security features.

Attractive, discreet look and feel

The wander wearable is less institutional and more discreet than traditional options, to help wandering residents maintain their dignity and blend in with the larger resident community.

  • Sleeker and trendier than any other on the market
  • Resembles a wearable fitness device rather than a hospital bracelet
  • No visual LED indicator, making the band less obvious

The latest technology

The wander wearable stands apart from traditional band/tag combinations thanks to multiple emerging, patient-pending technologies.

  • 6-month tag attaches seamlessly to the band for a unified look
  • Band is replaceable and tag is reusable
  • Custom-designed rivet makes band removal extremely difficult
  • See battery percentage remaining and warranty date from ID Tag Activator/Deactivator

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