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Contemporary Product Design Suitable For All Living Environments

When it comes to Assisted Living, it’s important to ensure that resident’s have the most appropriate technology to support them. Tynetec have over 40 years-experience in the design and manufacture of such systems and offer an array of future-proofed solutions and flexible options that can be tailored to incorporate additional functionality should an individual’s needs change.

Tynetec’s grouped living products can be configured to operate on their own or can be combined with Nurse Call or a Door Entry System or for a more cost effective and integrated solution.

Supported Housing Residents Often Require Additional Support & May Have A Wide Range Of Needs
  • Advent xt Alarm System

    The Advent xt is the market leading grouped alarm and communication system. The intercom allows residents to speak to an on-site manager or call through to an off-site alarm receiving centre. Designed with its environment in mind, the intercom is modern in style with simple functional buttons. It offers exceptional speech quality so that the resident and manager can communicate clearly at all times. A manager’s handset can be used to carry out the majority of the day-to-day functions. A digital communicator enables the system to operate on both analogue and digital IP communication infrastructures.

  • Advent Image
  • High quality digital speech
  • Digitally enabled for IP communication
  • I'm OK function
  • Privacy mode with timed override on alarm
  • Message waiting facility
  • Inputs for pullcords, smoke alarms & PIR movement detectors
  • Fully monitored data with fault reporting
  • Standard, PA, Extracare & Slave intercom options available
  • Dimensions: 180 x 115 x 50 mm (HxWxD)
  • Advent xt Combined

    The Advent xt system can be expanded by adding a fully integrated door entry facility with dual speech paths to ensure that the door entry operation does not interrupt alarm handling. The addition of the door entry system enables the combined installation costs to be kept to a minimum. The system can be supplied as part of a combined intercom system or by utilising separate door entry handsets.

  • Advent Image
  • Mini concierge facility
  • Remote door access control using optional apartment station
  • Handset privacy and fault reportin
  • Digitally enhanced audio
  • Fully DDA compliant door panels with back-lit displays
  • Talking panel for the visually impaired
  • Integrated proximity tag option
  • Advent xt Digital Communicator

    Protecting current and future investments by digitally enabling your grouped living solutions for use with next generation digital networks. The Digital Communicator is designed to retro fit onto existing Advent XT installations or can be built into new systems and activated when a scheme is ready to move to a digitally enabled monitoring and response service. This device provides a digitally enabled communication channel directly to the alarm receiving centre (ARC). Unlike an analogue terminal adapter (ATA), the digital communicator is a truly native digital device that utilises the NOW-IP alarm transmission protocol.

  • Advent Image
  • Superfast – receive alarm calls 10 times quicker than an equivalent analogue connectio
  • Always on – providing the ability to detect any real time changes in system connectivity
  • Future proofed – Reliable and secure over Next Generation Networks (NGNs
  • Optional back up via traditional communications.
  • Entel Ultra Door Entry

    A flexible, vandal resistant door entry system that enables functional and digital combinations of panels to be integrated into a single installation. The Entel Ultra system has been designed to work with the majority of 4 or 5 wire traditional tone-type telephones on the market. This means that upgrading an existing system couldn’t be simpler, easier or more cost effective.

  • Advent Image
  • Single entrance panel with spoken feedback
  • 2 core non-polarised system wiring
  • Privacy and door open indication
  • Unique single engineer setup mode
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