Rauland Clinical Workflow Platform Transforms the Way Patient Care is Delivered

Improving Care Delivery, Security and Scalability

A true next-generation enterprise-wide platform for the Responder Workflow solution has been introduced by Rauland, offering a secure, scalable and highly available solution that creates optimised clinical workflows and enables hospitals to optimise their patient outcomes.

Rauland Responder Enterprise introduces new capabilities that bring about the application and standardisation of workflows and care models across the healthcare organisation. This capability helps produce consistent and repeatable outcomes, while supporting seamless growth and integrations.

The revolutionary Responder Enterprise platform can dramatically decrease IT costs, while increasing security, availability and the ease of scalability. The platform’s dashboards and reports display the overall nurse call ecosystem, the measurement of staff engagement and use of the system, as well as the health of the ecosystem itself.

For Clinical Teams

The innovative technology and powerful integrations of Responder Enterprise help organisation enforce and standardise best practices. These optimised practices and procedures can easily be propagated across an entire enterprise, with ample opportunity for departmental customisation.

As a result, organisations can realise higher patient safety, improved staff satisfaction as well as more efficient and timely responses to patient needs.

Highly Usable, Personalised Experience

The Responder Enterprise clinical application creates a more personalised experience for care teams, while delivering real-time information right to their fingertips. The Enterprise templates and workflows allow hospitals to standardise their technology and care models, while minimising time spent bringing in a new system.

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