7 Things To Consider Before Investing In A Temperature Monitoring Solution

Temperature Screening with Face Mask Monitoring & Access Control

1 Facemask Recognition Option: Airborne transmission is the number one way Cornoavirus is spread. Denying access to anyone not wearing a face mask will greatly reduce potential exposure to others.

2 Trusted Brand: A lot of unknown brands are producing cheap solutions which will not be supported once demand reduces. This means that the monitor is redundant if it is damaged or breaks down.

3 Adjustable Temperature Range: The ability to increase the temperature range for seasonal colds and flu will help to minimise false alerts.

4 Buy From An Established Supplier: Pop-up companies do not tend to stand the test of time. Protect your investment by purchasing from a company with a proven track record.

5 Option To Connect To Access Control +/ Nurse Call: Taking a temperature is only the first step, what happens when an abnormal temperature is detected? Consider the next step, local alarm, notify a member of staff, deny access to the visitor – there are many options.

6 Time & Attendance & Facial Recognition: Having a multi-function device allows you the freedom to make the most of the technology right now or in the future.

7 No-Touch Access Control: Infection is also spread through touch. Minimise touch points by enabling doors to automatically unlock once visitors or staff members meet requirements.

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