Sound & Vision Communications Service

  Hospitals and Nursing Homes never close and neither do we. Our clients rely on our systems to keep working no matter what time or day it is. They also need to know that there is an experienced technician on call 24/7. We provide the most flexible out of service in Ireland.
As every Hospital and Nursing Home is different we customise our Service and Service Agreements to suit your needs.

This service is available in both the Republic and Northern Ireland  

The services that can be selected from are as follows

  •  On site within 24 Hours of fault being reported
  •  On site within 12 Hours of the fault being reported
  •  24 hour telephone access to a an experienced technician
  •  Monday to Friday on site cover
  •  24/7 on site cover
  •  Preventative Maintenance Inspections every 12 months
  •  Preventative Maintenance Inspections every 6 months
  •  Every Piece of Equipment is tested and faulty or damaged equipment reported and replaced as requested
  •  Replacement of Batteries on all devices
  •  Certificate stating all Equipment tested and working for HIQA
  •  Include other Systems such as Patient Wander Alarms

Why choose a Maintenance Contract?

  •  Priority service over clients without contracts
  •  All equipment is tested and faults reported which lowers the risk of leaving clients without a working system when they need it most.
  •  Save on expensive out of hours call out charges
  •  Certificate provided for HIQA
  •  24/7 Access to an experienced technician who is knows with your system

Who is entitled to a service Agreement?

Anywhere that has a Nurse Call, Patient Wander, Staff Attack or Baby Tag system even if we did not originally supply the system.

What else do we offer?

We also offer a full service on your system and issue you with a certificate for HIQA to say the system has been maintained and tested even if we did not install your system.

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