Personal & Staff Security Solutions

Personal & Staff Security

  Knowing that Help is only a button press away is a great piece of mind for people especially during times of the day when there are low staff levels or working in isolated areas. The advances in communications over the past number of years has allowed the development of newer systems rather then the traditional Infra Red only systems.

   We customise our Staff Protction systems to suite our clients needs.

Our systems monitor themselves so you never need to worry if the system is working or not.


Low Frequency also known as Last Known Location involves placing a Low Frequency Transmitter (LF) at the entrance to rooms or corridors it then registers the badge as being in theat location. If the alarm is activated it gives the Last Known LF reader as the location. This can be a very useful way of protecting large areas where exact room location is not necessary. This system also monitors the Badges at all times so if the battery gets low or the unit stops working the system will tell you, This system can also be used as a Patient Wander System and an Asset Tracking system all at the one time with different alarms and devices being sent to different Pagers, PC's and Displays

 Retro Fitting Alarm systems can be very expensive and normally leads to the closure of Rooms causing massive disruption to areas. We have a wireless system that can be fitted and commissioned in a room in less the five minutes. Exceptionally reliable and self monitoring so if there are any issues with devices you will be alerted. Discreet sensors that look like Smoke detectors

  IR Ceiling Location Unit         

We have a great Number of Solutions to suite many different environments from Hospitals, Schools, Work Place, Prisons, Factorys and much more.

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