Lone Worker



In Buildings Location is Key to a fast responce


Lone Worker Transmitter

The Elpas Lone Worker Transmitter (LWA) is a commercial-grade Active RFID Tag that provides wireless monitoring of staff members that may be subject to work related injuries or attacks in high-risk, indoor work place environments.

This light weight, pocket-size Transmitter emits real-time indoor positioning data for monitoring the location, movements and security status of the protected individual throughout campus type building environments.

The Transmitter features two emergency call buttons on either side of the unit for manual duress alerting. Pressing both buttons simultaneously causes the device to emit positioning data that identifies the name and building location of the staff member in need, which can be used to manage emergency response efforts.

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GPS systems are becoming more and more advanced and multi functional all of the time and are an ideal solution for people woking in large or remote outdoor areas.

7 Protection-3G-2

 Providing Communication and saftey for all exposed workers