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Aidcall Wireless Nursecall

Wireless Nursecall 

How flexible is your nurse call system?

Fitting a nurse call system can often be disruptive, time consuming and expensive; but not with Aid Call’s wireless system.

Aid Call utilise wireless technology because there is no need to install cables to any of the call points and the impact is minimal, which is reassuring at a time of increased pressure on resources and environments. Wireless systems also have lower installation and operating costs over a traditional hard-wired system, as well as being quicker and easier to install.

Wireless configuration offers complete flexibility and mobility, which makes our system infinitely changeable and expandable, allowing for the constant ability to deal with ever changing priorities and demands.


call point

Touchsafe Pro Call Point

Being wireless, The Touchsafe Pro provides quick, undisruptive installation and flexibility into the future. New horizontal orientation allows the Call Point to attach to bed head trunking with ease. Alternatively, the Call Point can attach to the wall using just a bracket and two screws. The mounting bracket includes a quick release switch which allows the user to remove the Call Point easily.

Two-way communication software acknowledges that the call has been received by the display panel with audio and visual indicators to reassure the user that help is on its way. Once a call is cancelled our ‘Next Call Waiting’ feature informs staff of the next priority call in their area. This improves response times and prevents unnecessary journeys to the main display panel.

Optional pear push leads provide a means to activate a call from a handheld device and simply plugs into the bottom of the Call Point. These can be stored in a cradle or secured to bed sheets using a linen clip. Numerous other accessories and telecare devices can be connected to the Call Point to customise the system to specific patient needs.

Our Call Points are available in a number of configurations including integrated emergency or cardiac pull stops, standard emergency call pushbutton and they can be configured with or without LCD screens.

All Touchsafe Pro Call Points are embedded with an antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms. This protects users from the spread of germs and disease.

Battery replacement warnings, tamper alarms and regular radio communication automatically keeps the system functioning properly all of the time.

Touchsafe Pro Display Panel

The Display Panel conveys a mass of important information at a glance. This includes call type, call location, patient name, nurse identity and call response time. Varying colour displays and alarm tones correspond to different call types to help staff to easily identify priority levels. Reminder calls can be programmed to occur at pre-set intervals to assist with timed medication and nightly checks. Additionally, a brief patient medical history can be called upon, as can a site map.

All calls will display on the panel. In the event of multiple calls, automatic system triage will display the calls in order of urgency. On multiple-panel systems the panels can be set up with zones so only calls from specific areas are displayed on the panel located within that area. However, when cardiac or emergency calls are received the system can be programmed to display these on all panels irrespective of zone. The panels may also be configured to operate differently during the day and night to account for changing staff levels.

Now with touchscreen capabilities, your nurse call system can be operated with ease. Antimicrobial additives prevent the growth of harmful micro-organisms on all of our devices and these are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

The display panels link with our peripheral and telecare devices. These include our audio visual indicators (AVI’s) to sign post a call to staff on duty, radio pagers to alert staff no matter where they are and our call logging software which tracks and stores all call data for your records.

Battery replacement warnings, tamper alarms and regular polling of radio devices automatically keeps the system functioning properly all of the time. Multiple battery backup options are available to ensure the panel is safe even when the power fails.

The Touchsafe Pro Display Panel is available in 15” as standard. However, we also supply a 10” version for areas in which space is restricted.


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