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SVC Responder 5

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Over 1 Million Beds in Over 4,000 Hospitals in Over 40 Countries rely on Rauland          



Fast, Direct Communication

With Responder 5 the right person gets the right call at the right time.

 Calls coming from a patient can be relayed directly to the nurse's wireless phone or pager - real

Nurses can consult with other staff members or with physicians - direct contact.

Best of all, this nurse call system is quiet - which promotes a healing stress free environment. 




Simple to Use, Easy to Learn


Fully Customisable getting the right person when you need them

 Letting staff free to concentrate on their work

 Allows patients get the help they need faster .

 Reduce Alarm Fatigue and Environment noise on the ward 




 Bed Management / Workflow                                     

Simple instant communication to the right department                                               .

Nurse Presses the Transport button Porter come to collect patient                          

Nurse Presses the Cleaning Needed button, Cleaner gets the message                

 Cleaner presses the Cleaning in Progress button, Bed manager gets the message 

               Cleaner presses the Bed Ready Button Bed Manager and Administrator gets the message  



Click on the images below to watch how these departments benefit from the Responder 5 System 


Responder 5 for A&E Workflow

 Nure Manager   

Responder 5 for the Nurse Manager


Responder 5 For the O R

   on the ward

Responder 5 on the Ward 


 Not All Patients are the same thats why we offer a large range of Pillow Speakers and Call Devices






 No other Nurse Call Manufacturer will offer you a five year warranty. 





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Wireless Nurse Call



Radio Nurse Call for the future

How flexible is your nurse call system?

Nurse-Call2Fitting a  radio nurse call system can be disruptive, time consuming and expensive. A wireless system such as Aid Call’s, however, can be installed and updated with minimal disruption.

Because there is also no need to install cables to any of the call points, the impact is minimal, which is reassuring at a time of increased pressure on resources and environments. Wireless systems also have lower installation and operating costs and are quicker and easier to install.

The systems are infinitely changeable and expandable allowing for the constant ability to deal quickly with ever changing priorities and demands.

Our system is safe, reliable, cost effective and good value for money. It can be designed to suit individual requirements and needs and adapted to work within your budget. It also has a variety of features which can help to maximise staff efficiency and help to improve the overall quality of care offered to clients and patients.

TouchsafeProDisplayPanel                   TouchsafeProCallPoint

Antimicrobial Touch Screen              Antimicrobial Call Point



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               Nurse Presence & Staff Alert




 Call logs are more relevant then ever for two reasons 

  1. You can easily see who has been calling, how often they call and how long it takes between calls being made and being answered especially at night when less staff are available.
  2. HIQA are always keen to see how calls are being responded to and the duration of a call these are often referred to in their reports with our systems full logs of all calls are at your finger tips.

nursecall 2  

 Paging can be an essential asset to night staff who are often under pressure at certain times of the shift with calls coming form several locations

 often out of ear shot of the displays. Infact we can mute our displays at night time so they do not disrupt other residence.





We use many different types of switches for our Nurse Call 

  images 4 images 5 download 4 download 3 Wrist-Worn-Fall-Detector-Page


Other aditional options include Paging/Dect and Patient Wander integration

tc400-nurse-pager                                         159413-dementia-aged-care-old-people-nurse