Infant Security

Sound and Vision Communications have designed and installed more infant security systems then any other company in Ireland.

The Cuddles infant protection system encompasses a number of hardware and software products, each designed to ensure the security of infants while meeting the unique needs of nurses and parents.

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Soft Bracelet


The Cuddles infant protection system Soft Bracelet is a light-weight, self-adjusting band that fits snugly and comfortably around the ankle or wrist. Made of an ultra-soft polyester blend, the bracelet won’t cut or chafe the skin, and won’t fall off due to movement or changes in weight.

In the event of removal or cutting, the Soft Bracelet immediately activates an alarm—preventing abductions and ensuring the continued safety and security of the infant wearing it.


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Infant Tag

Our Cuddles infant protection system RFID-enabled, non-allergenic Infant Tag lets you know that every infant under your care is safe. Each tag is uniquely identifiable, giving you the ability to instantly match mother and baby. A red, pulsating LED serves as a continuous visual indication that the tag is active. The tag can be turned on or off at any time to conserve battery power. If the tag is cut off or tampered with, it immediately locks down the perimeter and/or activates an alarm to alert staff.

Our new design means greater comfort for the infant and easier cleaning for the nurse. The tag’s small size and light-weight construction mean it will never hinder the infant’s movement.

Self-guided Software

Our easy-to-use Cuddles infant protection system software enables you to activate tags, admit and discharge patients and generate reports more simply and quickly than ever before. No enrollment is necessary for instant protection, and on-site staff training can be completed in minutes.
Multi-floor monitoring capabilities are available, and the software can be updated for free to ensure that you’re always operating with the latest features and benefits.