Fall Management Solutions

Fall Management Solutions

Sound & Vision Communications are proud to announce that we are the European distributor for the Secure Range of Fall Management Solutions. Secure are the most popular Fall Management supplier in the United States with the best value on products that are far superior to their rivals.

 We are proud to introduce our new wireless range

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The new Secure® WireLess® System takes fall management alarms to the next level by eliminating tripping hazards, removing the alarm sound from the patient room, and employing the most advanced, continuous 2.4G patent-pending bi-directional wireless communication which minimizes interference within a facility and ensures secure, instantaneous communication between components. Competitive wireless 433MHz bandwidth is a much more overcrowded bandwidth prone to interference. Upgrade to the highest quality, most cost effective wireless fall management alarm system available today!





 We carry the Largest Selection Of  Crash Mats in the country

With 10 different types of Floor, Bed and Chair Mats allowing you the freedom to customise your systems

    Bed Pad-14 chairpad-14  chairpad-45 Bed Pad-1 bedpad-3 1  

 8 Great Reasons to choose our Mats

  1. Industry's 1st Antimicrobial and Non-Skin sensitive covers
  2.  No Holes - "Incontinent Proof"
  3. Our Mats can be folded without damage
  4.  Comfortable ultra thin design
  5. No weight restrictions  
  6.  Slip-resistant
  7.  Metal connector, no plastic
  8. Can be used with a wide range of mattresses
Short Stay mats for Hospitals                    Regular Mats                   Long Stay Mats


Largest Selection of Controllers

 14BSet-1Y   SSM-1    SMA-120 MatAlarm     SVA-2Y    PADS-2   SUA-1Y    SUA-1    SCA-1

Controllers to suit every situation 

Stand Alone for Day Rooms

Connect to the Nurse Call system or Pagers

Anti Tamper

Message Alarms that play a familiar voice before activating the alarm "John stay in bed I will be there soon" 

You choose the combination of Mat and Controller that suits you.

 Other Solutions Include

Secure Fall Prevention Admission Kit for Hospitals & Nursing Homes      Non Slip Socks for Fall Management  Hip Protectors  3-in-1 Door Safety Banner

  Admission Kits               Anti Slip Socks           Hip Protectors                       Do Not Enter Signs


   Under The Seat Fall Monitoring System for Wheelchair Safety    Secure Convex Pommel Cushion with Safety Straps    Yellow Fall Management Blanket    Waterfall Fall Risk Adjustable Wristband

     Wheelchair Alarms                 Wheelchair Cushions            Fall Risk Blankets            Fall Risk Bracelets 


Contact us today for details to arrange a demonstration of our full range of Fall Management solutions

We can connect our Alarms to Any Nurse Call Systems

 We can adopt our  Mats to suit other controllers

We can connect our Alarms to Pagers so Staff will know instantly if someone needs help

Lo Call 1890 480 480 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  order before 12.00 for next day delivery.