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Responder 5000

What does each member of the care team in your facility really need?

  • Residents want to feel safe and secure, and cared for with dignity.
  • Nursing staff want to keep their patients comfortable and safe from falls with efficient, compassionate care.
  • Families want to feel confident in the decision they’ve made, knowing their loved one will be well cared for and safe.
  • Administrators need to balance economic priorities with the ability to provide safe, effective care in a competitive marketplace. 



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R5K CNF Room map



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The system is designed for either visual/tone or full voice communication. Smartphones or any SIP-capable device provide instant communication without middleware. In an emergency, milliseconds count and Responder provides immediate group notification.

Bathroom Station Audio pullcord in patient’s bathroom allows patient to communicate routine requests or distress verbally, directly to caregiver, to help avoid falls.

Room Station Communicate directly with your patients to hear their needs, eliminating unnecessary trips to their room, while maximising your time

Connect Bed Alarms and other Monitors without the need to unplug your Hurse Call Handset

Workflow Station Initiate new workflows with the push of a button, notifying key personnel of a task or room status that requires their attention.

Corridor Light Programmable colours and flash rates provide a wide range of indications for alarms, staff registrations, and room status.