Sheltered Housing & Warden Call

In an Emergency Response is key


The Reach plus at-home alarm unit incorporates all of the fantastic features of the Reach unit but with the addition of a built in real time clock. This enables the unit to be used for activity monitoring across a number of timed periods. The unit can also be used as a medication reminder and accepts up to 16 user recordable messages. For the service provider who feels the need to call their clients on a daily basis, the Reach plus incorporates an I'm OK function which allows the service user to acknowledge that they don't require a call by simply pressing the green button on the unit within a pre-programmed time period.

Reach plus

The Advent xt is an alarm and communication system designed specifically for grouped housing schemes. Used with the Altec range of Telecare Sensors and the optional Ethernet Interface Kit the Advent xt offers true Telecare facilities. All alarm call and activity data is stored on a local memory card, this data can be downloaded locally (or remotely via Broadband) and analyzed using Tynetec's Altera Care software.

The Advent xt also retains the alarm signaling capabilities of traditional warden call systems to ensure compatibility with existing Alarm Receiving Centre's.

advent xt 1



            Wrist Worn Fall Detector                                                             Deaf Smoke Alarm Kit

 wristwornfalldetector                                              deafSmoke

    Bogus Caller / Panic Button                                                     Advance Pill Dispenser

    Bogus-Caller                AdvancePillDispenser




These are just some of the additions we can have on our very flexible independent living systems