Bluetooth Solution

 Everybody these days knows the benefits of using Bluetooth technology to get one device to talk to another. Its so reliable that its the only technology being used by most manufacturers of products that need to be able to send information to another device without cables such as Mobile Phones, Sat Navigation systems and much more. In fact quite often people do not even know they are using it. 

9 Solutions have developed this technology to bring it to the next level bringing their innovative and flexible technology to the Health Care market.

9 Solutions offer a range of solutions in one system

  • Staff Protection
  • Resident Monitoring
  • Patient Wander
  • Assit Tracking
  • Nurse Call


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All in one easy to install with the minimum of disruption solution that leaves many of it competitors wondering where to begin when trying to compete.

9 Solutions takes advantage of the technology that is all around us allowing it the freedom not to be restricted the way some more traditional systems are.

  •  IPCS Node network
  • is the backbone of the working IPCS solution delivering accurate positioning information. IPCS Node is a wireless device capable of forming a self-organizing network enabling fast and effortless installation of the IPCS system and independent operation without loading existing infrastructure.



Tag –Safety and availability

LWP, Lone Worker Protection RTLS Tag is a solution for a real-time location tracking of people. It's especially designed for lone workers providing multiple automated alarms.
Designed to protect lone workers
3 remotely programmable buttons
Accelerometer based non movement and man down alarms
Durable, IP54 compliant device



Effective and almost invisible

uTag is a very small RTLS
Tag built on the Bluetooth Low Energy technology providing up to 5 years of battery lifetime with a single coin cell.
Small, almost invisible
2 remotely programmable buttons
Non movement alarm (optional)
Multiple wearing options: clip, wrist strap, lanyard
Water & dustproof


IPCS Asset Tag

Real time awareness

IPCS Asset Tag is used to track, monitor and reserve mobile assets.
Optimal to tag mobile asset
Alarm if tag is removed from asset
Programmable button
Complies with IP67 requirements
Cleanable using alcohol based cleansing agent


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