Why Nurses Love Cuddles! An Infant Protection System That Works For Your Setting

When you work with newborn and vulnerable infants, keeping them safe will always be your top priority. You know that your nurses and care staff are vigilant and highly trustworthy, but you are also aware that problematic situations can arise and that it only takes seconds for a baby to disappear.

Finding an infant protection system that you can trust to keep your precious charges safe is not an easy task, but we believe that the Cuddles system from Accutech offers all you need and more. Designed with the comfort of parents, infants and carers in mind, it’s a great solution for nurses and for the little ones they care for.

Why Do Nurses Love The Cuddles Infant Protection System?

Most nurses agree that they appreciate systems that make their jobs less stressful and allow them to devote more time to their patients. Cuddles is designed to do exactly this, and it’s a great solution for the following reasons:

  • Improved safety. Cuddles works by matching mothers and their babies using self adjusting, soft bracelets that are comfortable but won’t become loose or fall off. Every tag is uniquely identifiable, and fully adjustable with weight loss and gain, so there’s no risk of false alarms or mismatching. Alarms are activated if a tag is tampered with, and this will alert staff and lock down the perimeter of the unit.
  • Protection if IT systems fail. Cuddles is a standalone unit, so you can rest assured that your patients are safe even if the IT systems in your setting fail. A system that is linked to in-house IT systems risks your perimeter becoming unsafe and babies being put at risk if a crash occurs. This is a particular problem with infant abduction systems, since they are only foolproof if they are working at all times.
  • Ease of use. The way in which the Cuddles Infant Protection system is installed is simple and easy to manage, and this frees up nurses to spend their time on direct patient care rather than managing technology. Cuddles will not waste your time with false alarms, so the problem of alarm fatigue is not a risk when you use this system.

Are You Looking For Infant Protection Systems in Ireland?

When your role is to protect the most vulnerable members of society, a system that can help you to do this can relieve the pressure on you and make your life easier. At Sound & Vision Communications, we stock products that we know and trust, and we’re sure that a system such as the Cuddles Infant Protection System from Accutech can make all the difference to your setting.

Talk to our friendly team today for advice and information about the best options available for your nursing environment, and let us help you to find solutions that suit you and your patients. Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice from our experienced team. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.