Waterproof Tags: Making Your Security System Safer

The safety of your patients will always be your first priority when you are caring for newborns or the elderly, but you will also want to ensure that they enjoy a good quality of life with minimal disruption. For these reasons, you need a patient protection system that does not interfere with everyday activities or risk accidental damage while in use.

Security bands that are linked to a central monitoring system are recognised as an excellent way to ensure protection for patients in residential care or a hospital ward. However, tags that could become damaged or stop working during daily activities present a risk in themselves. We are delighted to have found the solution to this problem, with waterproof tags from Accutech.

How Can Waterproof Tags Improve Your Security System?

It can be hard to decide on a security system that suits your working environment. Consider whether your setting would benefit from the following:

  • Better quality of life for patients. Wearing a security bracelet, while reassuring, is not always the most comfortable experience, and it can be extremely frustrating if it interferes with daily tasks such as showering or bathing a newborn baby. Accutech have taken this into account when developing their new waterproof tags, and these are encased in silicon to ensure they remain protected from water and moisture at all times.
  • Financial savings. A security system that protects your patients can be a costly investment, and the ongoing expense of having to replace damaged tags or components can be high. Patients who have cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, that make them prone to wandering, cannot be expected to remember that they must keep their security bracelet dry at all times, so it is likely that damage will occur on a regular basis. Waterproof tags remove this concern and leave you to focus on more immediate issues than whether security tags are getting wet!
  • Increased peace of mind. A system that stops working when it becomes damaged by water cannot be foolproof at protecting your patients. Using a system in which daily tasks such as hand washing could compromise the effectiveness of your devices means that your patients are at risk of wandering, or of being separated from their babies. Accutech waterproof tags continue to function to protect your patients at all times, and cannot be damaged by water, so you can rest in the knowledge that your patients are safe and secure.

Are You Looking For Wander Alarm Systems in Ireland?

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