Automatic Tag Transfers For Better Security And Flexibility

Working in a setting that is responsible for keeping patients safe can feel overwhelming, and there is a great benefit to having a security system that you can trust. Knowing that your patients are protected by tags or bracelets that alert a central system if they leave or are removed from a safe area is reassuring, but it is often difficult to find the best system for your setting.

Here at Sound & Vision Communications, we are delighted that Accutech have developed a fantastic new feature of their tag based system, with automatic transfers that make life easier for everyone. Patients no longer have to wait for a staff member to authorise their movement to another safe space, which would have previously required manual transfer to a computer in the new area, and staff are free to use their time more beneficially.

Benefits of Automatic Tag Transfers:

  • Time saving. As mentioned above, both staff and patients will save time with this new system, which will reduce frustrations and result in a much more cost effective use of staffing costs.
  • Peace of mind. Patient safety is, of course, the highest priority, and with automatic tag transfers you can rest assured that your patients can only move between areas that are safe and authorised for them. This enables them to have more freedom and move between treatment rooms, for example, but ensures that they are safe at all times.
  • Simplifies procedure. Transferring patients between different areas of a hospital or setting is easier than ever before with automatic tag transfers, so you will not need to carry out lengthy transfer processes manually each time you move a patient around.

All the existing features of the Accutech tagging system remain second to none in protecting your most vulnerable patients, so you can be sure that they will not be able to leave or be removed from your safe area without your system being alerted. You can monitor where your patients are with real time notifications, and all systems are designed to minimise time spent dealing with technology and make the most of caring for your patients.

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