Choosing An Infant Protection System For Your Setting

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Protecting infants and children is a very high priority for any care provider, but if you are responsible for keeping newborn babies safe from the threat of abduction, you will want to find the very best infant protection system out there. Every manufacturer will encourage you to consider their products, but this is an important decision that will have a lasting impact, so it’s well worth taking the time to find out more.

The type of infant protection system that will work best for you will depend upon the sort of setting you are working within, and the type of care you provide. Our guide to choosing the best system for you could be a useful reference point for you to begin your research.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Infant Protection System:

Ask yourself the following questions to find out which system we might recommend for you and your setting:

  • How will staff manage the system? Your nursing staff will be under pressure to provide the best possible care at all times, so it is vital to ensure that your system will not cause extra hassle for them. Consider a system that makes communication between staff members easier, is not complicated to use, and has a straightforward alert protocol.
  • What does it cost? Of course, protecting the infants in your care is priceless, but every setting has budget limitations and considerations. Weigh up the upfront cost of all equipment and hardware alongside the lifetime and maintenance costs, remembering that technological advances often make products such as this obsolete in the face of newer, more efficient options.
  • Is it secure? A system that is designed to protect vulnerable babies and their families must, above all, be secure. Your system should be set up to create a secure perimeter that cannot be breached without alerts, and to allow for matching of mothers and babies, as well as tracking an infant that goes missing.
  • Is it unique? Many care settings suffer from an excess of alert and alarm systems. Standard fire and security alarms compete with medical observation alerts and can create an environment that leads to alarm fatigue. This is a very real consideration when choosing your infant protection system, as your alarms will only work if they are easily identifiable and are heeded immediately.

Are You Looking For Infant Protection Systems in Ireland?

Here at Sound & Vision Communications, we know how important it is to keep the most vulnerable members of our society safe. If you’re searching for an infant abduction alarm or a system to protect elderly patients, we can help you to decide which system will work best for you. We have an extensive catalogue with options for every setting, and we value user friendly, cost effective solutions.

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