Why We Recommend Cuddles Infant Protection System

An infant security system such as the Cuddles infant protection system can help you to protect the vulnerable newborn patients in your care, and we recommend this system because we know it works. Taking responsibility for keeping newborns safe can be overwhelming, so you need to know that you can rely on the system you choose to help you in this role.

An infant abduction alarm is a must in an environment that offers care to newborn babies and infants, and the parents of the children you care for will be reassured to know that your provision is top quality. Here at Sound & Vision Communications, our expertise can help you to provide the best possible care to your patients and their families, and we’ll always be happy to advise you on the best system for your setting.

5 Reasons Cuddles Infant Protection System Stands Out:

We pride ourselves on knowing our products well, and we only offer the best quality systems to our clients. We recommend Cuddles Infant Protection System because:

  1. It’s easy to use. Caring for vulnerable newborns is a highly stressful role, and a system that is designed to make life easier, rather than complicate things, will be much more practical in any setting. Cuddles is simple to use, with excellent hardware and software that work together to create a great solution. It takes moment to activate tags and admit and discharge patients, so your staff can concentrate their energies on caring for their little charges.
  2. It’s reliable. Preventing infant abductions relies on having a system that can alert all key sensors and users immediately if a situation arises, and provide the real-time notifications and responses that are essential in the case of infant abduction. Cuddles is designed to share crucial information at optimum times, and it’s not dependent on a PC or server, so your system is secure at all times.
  3. It’s unique. Newborns are all unique, and an adjustable bracelet that can accommodate normal weight gain and loss is ideal for this type of system. The Cuddles bracelet is comfortable and soft, but entirely secure and tamper proof. Parents and carers love this system as it protects their precious little ones so well.
  4. It’s comprehensive. Cuddles is designed to activate as soon as it is cut or pulled off an infant, and the system is built to withstand problems and remain efficient at all times. The support provided to users is second to none, and you can be assured that an authorized dealer will be on hand when needed, as well as a free 24 hour technical support program and a 12 month warranty.
  5. It’s highly regarded. Accutech, the manufacturer of the Cuddles system, is a market leader in infant protection and is highly regarded by hospitals worldwide. Many hospitals and birth settings use this system because it’s ideal for protecting newborns and reassuring their families that they are in safe hands.

Find Infant Protection Products in Ireland

At Sound & Vision Communications, we are proud to supply the Cuddles Infant Protection system, an infant security system that truly offers reassurance and peace of mind. We’re here to help you to find the best options for your setting, so talk to our experienced staff today.

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