Your Guide To Wireless Nurse Call

Here at Sound & Vision Communications, we like to stay ahead of the game by supplying products that offer excellence and reliability at affordable prices. We examine new products as they come onto the market, and if we’re impressed, we bring these to our customers for use in their nursing settings.

One product that has revolutionized the way that care homes and hospital wards are run is the wireless nurse call system, which can streamline and simplify the everyday running of a facility and save money and time while improving patient care. The type of system you choose will depend upon the nature of your setting, so talk to us today to find out what we would recommend for you.

What Can A Wireless Nurse Call System Do For You?

  1.  Simple installation. A wireless system is usually quick and easy to install, and involves a wall mounted or freestanding display panel that is the central control panel, and individual room units which are easily attached to a wall close to the bed of each resident or patient. This is much simpler than wired installation, which involves cables throughout the facility.
  2.  Adaptability. In a nursing facility, furniture is frequently moved and altered for different residents or patients, and this is not a problem for a wireless system to cope with. If individual room units need moving, this is a very simple process involving only two screws in most cases.
  3.  Effective technology. Wireless nurse call systems use impressive technology to collate call logs, which will save you time and streamline your reporting processes. Display screens are usually large and clear, so they can be viewed from a distance, and they allow for full colour displays that could be used to show daily planners or menus.
  4.  Remote management. You can access your information and monitor the system from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, and you will also be able to access remote support from your maintenance service provider in most cases.
  5.  Easy maintenance. Most wireless systems are easy to maintain, requiring only an annual battery change and regular testing to ensure good performance. If you have a maintenance contract, which will sometimes be included in your wireless system package, you will be assured of great service - and minimal problems - at all times.

Are You Looking For Nurse Call Alarms in Ireland?

We know that you want the most reliable systems to ensure continuity of care and safety for your patients, and using a nurse call system that is especially designed for this purpose can make the process simple. Contact us at Sound & Vision Communications to find out which system will work best for you and your setting.

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