How Nurse Call Systems Can Save You Money

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A good nurse call system can help to streamline care and make organization of your nursing setting easier, but did you know that it could also save you money?

Whether you’re running a care home facility or a hospital ward, a good nurse call system is an essential tool for you and your team. Researching the type of system you want can be tricky, but our helpful team can help you to focus on the main considerations. Here at SVC, we believe we’ve found excellent choices for every setting, and we’d be delighted to talk to you about your options.

Cost Benefits Of A Good Nurse Call System:

We would always recommend choosing a reputable and good quality nurse call system over a cheaper alternative that aims to perform a similar role on a budget. This doesn’t have to mean spending a great deal, but it does mean that you get more for your money. Here’s why:

  1.  Maintenance savings. While a budget system may be unreliable and require frequent repair, a better quality system is likely to include a maintenance contract or an extensive parts guarantee. Better quality systems are also likely to be simpler to operate and more reliable, too, and often include a feature to automatically alert staff to any faults that occur within the system.
  2.  Wireless systems. Wireless nursing call systems can save a great deal of stress and money by ensuring that systems can be easily accessed without the hassle of hardwiring. This means you do not need to re-wire the system every time furniture is moved or patients change rooms, and you can access information from a central point.
  3.  Technology savings. A good quality wireless system can help to streamline the amount of equipment you need, minimizing the need for several screens and ensuring that all data is centralized. This can also save a lot of staff time, which is another considerable cost to take into account.
  4.  Information streamlining. A good deal of staff time can be spent collating information and data using a nurse call system that performs at a basic level. A more advanced system may be able to save time by collecting and analyzing data  such as call logs for you, freeing up your staff so that they can spend more time with patients or residents.

Find Nursing Care Products in Ireland

At Sound & Vision Communications, we know that caring for the elderly or infirm can be challenging and stressful, and we believe that our products can make this easier. Talk to our experienced staff to find the best solution for your setting, and find out how we can help to ease your mind. Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs