Your Wandering Management System: Getting It Right

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A wander management system is designed to address the problem of patients or residents in assisted living or care facilities wandering. Patient wandering is a common problem amongst facilities that house people with conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and this can present serious risks to the individuals involved. Wandering management systems are designed to combat this problem, but it’s vital to ensure that these systems are used correctly.

A recent case in the USA highlighted the need to configure a wandering system correctly in order to prevent harm to residents. In a tragic incident, a patient died after being able to wander through a door that had mistakenly not been linked to the wander management system. The resultant legal action revealed this error in configuration, and thus the need to ensure correct configuration at all times in order to protect patients and give staff the peace of mind they need.

How To Configure Your Wander Prevention System Correctly:

You can explore our wander prevention systems here, and talk to our experienced staff about the best solution for your facility. We are proud to stock the ResidentGuard LS 2400 system, and we believe that this is a great option for most situations. It can be scaled according to the size of your facility, and you will receive excellent technical support as part of your package.

In order to function at optimum and keep your patients or residents safe, your system must be configured correctly:

•    All patients who are at risk of wandering should wear a bracelet that works with the wander management system to trigger an alarm or alert staff if a protected boundary or exit is breached.

•    Alarms will be triggered without affecting the rest of the monitored patients, and can be programmed to function as localized alarms, alarms within the nurse station, texts or pages to pre-programmed numbers, and/or automatic door locking.

•    The system should be set up and maintained by qualified professionals, usually your maintenance personnel. You will be able to access 24 hour technical support, free upgrades, the best of good quality hardware and long-life tags that turn off when not being used.

•    The configuration of your system will be determined by the type of facility you manage, but you will need to consider how you will cover all exits and entrances, as well as any trigger points such as accessible windows and garden gates.

We know that those facilities using the ResidentGuard LS 2400 system recommend it highly, and we believe it offers a great solution to the problem of wandering at an affordable price.

Patient Wander Products for the Elderly in Ireland

At Sound & Vision Communications, we know how serious patient wandering can be. It’s vital to ensure the safety of your patients or residents, and we pride ourselves on supplying systems that offer great protection day and night.

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