Infant Security: Keeping Your Baby Safe

Nothing could be more precious than your tiny, helpless newborn. Protecting your child will likely be your most important concern for the rest of your life, so starting as you mean to go on is vital. Unfortunately, infant abduction and maternal separation are issues that can occur, including in hospitals and immediately after birth, and we believe we’ve found the solution.

The Cuddles Infant Protection system offers a unique way to ensure that babies remain safe and easily identifiable during their stay in hospital, and this can be especially crucial for babies in special care. Hospital staff and nurses tell us that they love this simple system, and here at SVC, we’re delighted to offer this device that uses technology to keep children safe. However, we’re aware of the vital importance of regular updates in keeping any technical product functioning at it’s best, and we always reinforce this message to our clients.

Using Technology To Protect Your Baby:

The Cuddles infant protection system is designed to be easy to use, as life is already stressful enough with newborn babies! Nurses, particularly in special care baby units, have a large workload and many fragile babies in their care. A system such as this can provide peace of mind and reassurance to them as they continue to offer excellent standards of care to the babies they look after.

The Cuddles infant protection system features:

•    A soft bracelet. The soft bracelet is fitted snugly to the ankle or wrist of a newborn baby, and carries a special tag that is comfortable and lightweight. If the bracelet is removed or cut, an alarm will be instantly activated to prevent abduction. Bracelets are made from a gentle polyester blend, and offer great peace of mind for parents and nursing staff alike.

•    An infant tag. A great solution for monitoring multiple babies is the infant tag system by which each infant is protected with an RFID-enabled, non-allergenic tag, which is uniquely identifiable. With this tag, it is possibly to instantly match mother and baby, and ensure that baby is safe at all times. The tag is easy to use, and any attempt to cut or tamper with it will result in an immediate lockdown of the perimeter and/or an alert to staff.

•    Self-guided software. Cuddles incorporates sophisticated technology which allows you to activate tags, admit and discharge patients and generate reports with ease. It offers instant protection, and comprehensive staff training is simple and fast. You will have the ability to monitor multi-floor settings if appropriate to your facility, and software updates are free.

Infant Protection System Updates:

Any system is only as good as the technology that it relies upon, and this is why Cuddles infant protection system includes free updates. The infants in your care will be safest if you are always using the most recent features, and making the most of the latest benefits.

Find Infant Protection Products in Ireland:

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