Fall Alarms for the Elderly: Peace of Mind for Everyone

When choosing a care or nursing home for themselves or for a loved one, most people prioritise safety, knowing that they will be better able to relax in an environment which offers security and monitoring as standard.

Falls are a major cause of worry for the elderly and their carers, with the risk of falling much higher among adults who are over 65. Falling can increase the risks of developing anxiety, or fear of going out, as well as injuries and pains that directly result from falls. Being able to reduce the risk of falling, or of injuring oneself during a fall, can bring peace of mind to the elderly and to those who are caring for them.

How to Prevent or Reduce the Risk of Falls:

  1.  Wireless fall, bed, chair and floor alarms. Wireless alarm systems not only eliminate the worry of tripping on wires, but also provide a quiet, stress-free solution to this difficult problem. These systems are versatile and easy to use, alerting carers when a fall or potential fall occurs. For example, a chair alarm can alert a carer if a patient arises from a chair, putting themself at risk of falling if their mobility is severely impaired. You can read more about our range or wireless fall alarms here.
  2.  Voice sensitive alarms. Fear and anxiety play an important role in increasing the risk of falls. An alarm system that allows a carer to communicate with a patient, for example to reassure them that the carer is on his or her way, can help to alleviate anxiety and reduce the risk of a panic-induced fall.
  3.  Bathroom aids. Retaining independence is often of crucial importance to the elderly, and when it becomes more difficult for them to manage alone, there are many simple devices that can be fitted to reduce stress and encourage independent movement for longer. Find out about bathroom safety rails, anti-slip handles and other bathroom aids to prevent falls in this problem area.
  4.  Hip protectors. Hip protectors are a great way to give peace of mind to those who are particularly frail or have previously fallen. Sewn in hip pads and removable tailbone pads are especially helpful to reduce the risk of injury, and comfort is assured with memory foam pads that contour to the body. Read more about hip protectors at SVC.ie.

Are You Looking For Wander Alarms or Fall Alarms in Ireland?

Protecting the elderly or vulnerable from the risks of falling can help to alleviate a great deal of stress and tension, and ensuring that you have a range of reliable products on hand to reduce this risk can be very simple when you talk to us at Sound & Vision Communications.

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