Wireless Nurse Call Systems: Making Life Better for Everyone

Caring for elderly or infirm residents demands a high level of efficiency, monitoring those in your care and ensuring their wellbeing at all times. New nurse call systems are available to revolutionize this process and bring peace of mind to your patients as well as to you and your staff team.

Wireless nurse call systems are easy to use and give great consistency of monitoring across a residential care facility. Moving away from noisy and inefficient alarm systems, wireless nurse call systems offer many benefits that will help to streamline your service, save you time and improve your ability to respond quickly and efficiently to need.

Reasons to Choose Wireless Nurse Call Systems:

  1.  They’re easy to use. Modern wireless nurse call systems are fully customizable, so that the right person can be reached in good time. This means that you can allocate roles and save time and confusion around working patterns, as well as getting vital assistance to your patients more quickly.
  2.  They’re quiet. Traditional nurse call systems are often noisy and stress inducing, but the new systems available are quieter, making for a calmer environment in your facility.
  3.  They’re immediate. Instead of waiting for a response to an emergency call alarm or bell, a wireless nurse call system can direct calls from a patient to a nurse or carers’ wireless pager or phone in real time. Communication between devices also allows for consultation with other carers or medical professionals, and this means that your patients get the help they need as fast as possible.
  4.  They’re versatile. Nurse call systems recognize that not all patients are the same, and they offer a range of different devices that can be used interchangeably within their system. Pillow speakers and button activated call devices work well to contact the carer immediately with the minimum of physical effort.
  5.  They have many uses. Wireless nurse call systems can also be used to communicate within departments, making transporting patients easier, helping to co-ordinate essential cleaning operations and enabling contact between administrators and carers without hassle.

Care Products for the Elderly in Ireland

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