Rauland Nurse Call

Nurse Call has changed

 It was not that long ago that your mobile phone was for phone calls and not much else but now it’s a communications device that many of us rely on for email, internet, GPS Location, Social medial and even phone calls. Nurse Call has also moved on from simply being a point of contact for a patient to call a nurse and the nurse then having to contact catering, maintenance, cleaning, a doctor or whoever the patients was really looking for.  Nurse Call has now become a complete communications system letting staff and patients get in contact directly with the person who can resolve their issue.

 We are proud to introduce Rauland Responder Nurse Call to Ireland.

Rauland is the largest Nurse Call Provider in the world with installations in over 40 Countries and over a million beds using their system worldwide.

How did Rauland get so popular?

 They realised that relying on the nurse as the point of contact for the patient was distracting the Nurse from performing their duties and delaying the patient from getting what they were looking for. 

They have developed the Responder 5 a complete Staff and Patient Communications system that is fully customisable to suite any type of ward or theatre 

How good is Rauland?

Its the only Nurse Call you can get in Europe with a 5 Year Warrenty 

Nurse Call, Bed Management, Theatre Workflow, House Keeping, Maintenance, Cardiac Crash Team, No Call goes unanswered, Patient Entertainment, Fall Risk Management Staff Satisfaction, Hospital Porters, Kitchen, Visitor Interaction, reduces Alarm Fatigue and Environment Noise  and much more