Responder 5 The Nurse Call System that Changed Everything.

Need a new Nurse Call system?

A depreciating asset or an opportunity to improve Workflow, Patient Satisfaction, Bed Management, Staff Retention, Maintanence, Operating Theatre Turn Around times and more.

  Already installed in over 4,000 Hospitals World Wide the Responder 5 is the proven World leader as the communications solution for Hospitals.

Spending money on a new Nurse Call system can be a lot like buying a new car that you can’t trade in. The second you drive off the forecourt it has lost its value and continues to lose its value until it has been driven into the ground and you need to replace it.


What if your Nurse Call system had a return on investment that meant it could pay for itself possibly even before the warranty was up and it continued to save your Hospital money, improve Staff Satisfaction, Patient Experience, Bed Management, Workflow and much more for many more years after.

The Responder 5 is a scalable solution from a 10 Bed Ward to a 10,000 Bed Hospital. A proven solution designed around your needs. We know not every ward has the same requirements let alone an entire Hospital that is why the flexibility of the Responder 5 has made it the biggest selling Nurse Call system in the World.

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The Benefits Of The ID-TAD: The LCD Enhanced Tag Tester

How much time do your staff spend making trips to the tagtest station to monitor your patient protection system? The new ID-TAD (Identification Tag Activator/Deactivator) from Accutech is designed to combat this problem, saving carers time and ensuring that patients receive a better face to face experience.

Here at , we recommend Accutech products because we know they are reliable, and client feedback is great. This LCD based mobile tag test unit enables easy management of tag information and testing capabilities, streamlining patient information and ensuring security is a top priority at all times.

Why Do We Recommend The ID-TAD LCD Tag Tester?

Patient safety is a concern for all care facilities, and knowing that you have the best system in place to protect those you are caring for will give you peace of mind and make your job easier. There are many systems to choose from, all with a variety of features and details that can be adapted to your setting. Getting it right is vital, so talk to our experienced staff about what will work best for your environment.

We recommend the ID-TAD LCD Tag Tester because:

  • It empowers nurses. The new ID-TAD handheld devices are designed so that nurses can review battery life, tag number and warranty dates via a bedside LCD screen, as well as access vital patient data. Previous tag-test systems have enabled nurses only to turn tags on or off, requiring a visit to the tagtest station to monitor tags, so this new system frees up a great deal of staff time and allows staff to be more in control of their patient care.
  • It gives peace of mind. A patient protection system is designed to keep patients safe at all times, but if any element of this system is not functioning correctly, such as batteries being depleted, security may be breached. These handheld devices feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and built in tag, which cannot leave the unit without setting off an alarm, so nurses are able to monitor battery life and see exact percentages of battery life remaining.
  • It focuses on patient care. Being able to check data and battery life from a patient’s bedside means that your nurses will be able to spend more time communicating with and supporting patients. Patients need to feel that they are valued and safe in order to relax, and patient-centred care is vital to achieve this. The ID-TAD device means that nurses can check an LCD screen discreetly to obtain vital information or test tags as part of a calm and friendly interaction with the patient.

Find Patient Protection Alarms in Ireland

At Sound & Vision Communications, we have an extensive catalogue that is designed to meet the needs of a huge variety of care and residential settings, as well as hospitals and clinics. Talk to our experienced staff today to find out how we can help you to find the best solutions for your situation.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Why Nurses Love Cuddles! An Infant Protection System That Works For Your Setting

When you work with newborn and vulnerable infants, keeping them safe will always be your top priority. You know that your nurses and care staff are vigilant and highly trustworthy, but you are also aware that problematic situations can arise and that it only takes seconds for a baby to disappear.

Finding an infant protection system that you can trust to keep your precious charges safe is not an easy task, but we believe that the Cuddles system from Accutech offers all you need and more. Designed with the comfort of parents, infants and carers in mind, it’s a great solution for nurses and for the little ones they care for.

Why Do Nurses Love The Cuddles Infant Protection System?

Most nurses agree that they appreciate systems that make their jobs less stressful and allow them to devote more time to their patients. Cuddles is designed to do exactly this, and it’s a great solution for the following reasons:

  • Improved safety. Cuddles works by matching mothers and their babies using self adjusting, soft bracelets that are comfortable but won’t become loose or fall off. Every tag is uniquely identifiable, and fully adjustable with weight loss and gain, so there’s no risk of false alarms or mismatching. Alarms are activated if a tag is tampered with, and this will alert staff and lock down the perimeter of the unit.
  • Protection if IT systems fail. Cuddles is a standalone unit, so you can rest assured that your patients are safe even if the IT systems in your setting fail. A system that is linked to in-house IT systems risks your perimeter becoming unsafe and babies being put at risk if a crash occurs. This is a particular problem with infant abduction systems, since they are only foolproof if they are working at all times.
  • Ease of use. The way in which the Cuddles Infant Protection system is installed is simple and easy to manage, and this frees up nurses to spend their time on direct patient care rather than managing technology. Cuddles will not waste your time with false alarms, so the problem of alarm fatigue is not a risk when you use this system.

Are You Looking For Infant Protection Systems in Ireland?

When your role is to protect the most vulnerable members of society, a system that can help you to do this can relieve the pressure on you and make your life easier. At Sound & Vision Communications, we stock products that we know and trust, and we’re sure that a system such as the Cuddles Infant Protection System from Accutech can make all the difference to your setting.

Talk to our friendly team today for advice and information about the best options available for your nursing environment, and let us help you to find solutions that suit you and your patients. Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice from our experienced team. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Waterproof Tags: Making Your Security System Safer

The safety of your patients will always be your first priority when you are caring for newborns or the elderly, but you will also want to ensure that they enjoy a good quality of life with minimal disruption. For these reasons, you need a patient protection system that does not interfere with everyday activities or risk accidental damage while in use.

Security bands that are linked to a central monitoring system are recognised as an excellent way to ensure protection for patients in residential care or a hospital ward. However, tags that could become damaged or stop working during daily activities present a risk in themselves. We are delighted to have found the solution to this problem, with waterproof tags from Accutech.

How Can Waterproof Tags Improve Your Security System?

It can be hard to decide on a security system that suits your working environment. Consider whether your setting would benefit from the following:

  • Better quality of life for patients. Wearing a security bracelet, while reassuring, is not always the most comfortable experience, and it can be extremely frustrating if it interferes with daily tasks such as showering or bathing a newborn baby. Accutech have taken this into account when developing their new waterproof tags, and these are encased in silicon to ensure they remain protected from water and moisture at all times.
  • Financial savings. A security system that protects your patients can be a costly investment, and the ongoing expense of having to replace damaged tags or components can be high. Patients who have cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, that make them prone to wandering, cannot be expected to remember that they must keep their security bracelet dry at all times, so it is likely that damage will occur on a regular basis. Waterproof tags remove this concern and leave you to focus on more immediate issues than whether security tags are getting wet!
  • Increased peace of mind. A system that stops working when it becomes damaged by water cannot be foolproof at protecting your patients. Using a system in which daily tasks such as hand washing could compromise the effectiveness of your devices means that your patients are at risk of wandering, or of being separated from their babies. Accutech waterproof tags continue to function to protect your patients at all times, and cannot be damaged by water, so you can rest in the knowledge that your patients are safe and secure.

Are You Looking For Wander Alarm Systems in Ireland?

Whatever you need to make life more comfortable for your patients, we are here to help. At Sound & Vision Communications, we only stock products that we believe in, and we trust these to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities. Talk to our friendly team today for advice and information about the best options available for your setting.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice from our experienced team. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Automatic Tag Transfers For Better Security And Flexibility

Working in a setting that is responsible for keeping patients safe can feel overwhelming, and there is a great benefit to having a security system that you can trust. Knowing that your patients are protected by tags or bracelets that alert a central system if they leave or are removed from a safe area is reassuring, but it is often difficult to find the best system for your setting.

Here at Sound & Vision Communications, we are delighted that Accutech have developed a fantastic new feature of their tag based system, with automatic transfers that make life easier for everyone. Patients no longer have to wait for a staff member to authorise their movement to another safe space, which would have previously required manual transfer to a computer in the new area, and staff are free to use their time more beneficially.

Benefits of Automatic Tag Transfers:

  • Time saving. As mentioned above, both staff and patients will save time with this new system, which will reduce frustrations and result in a much more cost effective use of staffing costs.
  • Peace of mind. Patient safety is, of course, the highest priority, and with automatic tag transfers you can rest assured that your patients can only move between areas that are safe and authorised for them. This enables them to have more freedom and move between treatment rooms, for example, but ensures that they are safe at all times.
  • Simplifies procedure. Transferring patients between different areas of a hospital or setting is easier than ever before with automatic tag transfers, so you will not need to carry out lengthy transfer processes manually each time you move a patient around.

All the existing features of the Accutech tagging system remain second to none in protecting your most vulnerable patients, so you can be sure that they will not be able to leave or be removed from your safe area without your system being alerted. You can monitor where your patients are with real time notifications, and all systems are designed to minimise time spent dealing with technology and make the most of caring for your patients.

Find Infant Protection Alarms in Ireland

At Sound & Vision Communications, we have an extensive catalogue that is designed with your setting in mind. We are sure that we can provide excellent options for all care and residential settings, as well as hospitals and clinics that cater for newborns and the elderly or infirm. Talk to our experienced staff today to find out how we can help you to find the best solutions for you.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Do Your Nurse Call And Wander Alarm Systems Work Together?

When you make decisions about the systems that protect your patients or residents, you will need to ensure that new hardware and software work together and do not create problems for your staff. If you’re looking to implement a wander alarm system, it is vital to ensure that it will work in conjunction with your existing nurse call system so that both function optimally within your setting.

Here at Sound & Vision Communications, we can help you to find the best options for your setting, and can guide you in choosing a wander alarm system that integrates with your nurse call system. This creates a solution that is integrated across your setting and makes the most of the potential of both systems.

Ensure That Your Systems Work Together:

There are some key questions to consider when you are looking for a wander alarm system that will be ideal within your setting, and you may find it helpful to consider the following:

  • Existing devices. Cost and efficiency are best maintained by a system that uses the same devices as an existing nurse call system, and it is a good idea to ensure that alerts from your wander alarm system can be directed to the same pagers, radios or mobile devices.
  • Exclusive systems. If you are speaking with a vendor who hopes to sell you a wander alarm system at the same time as a nurse call system, you are likely to find that other systems will not integrate as well. Systems that are designed to work only with one type of nurse call system may create problems in the future.
  • Recommendations. Don’t just rely on the opinions of the manufacturer of the system you are considering. Seek out recommendations from other users, and talk to expert providers about the way in which the wander alarm system you want will interact with your nurse call system.
  • Flexibility. Changes in technology and practical set up are frequent in the care sector, so it is important to find a system that can be flexible according to changing needs. A system that can initially stand alone but has the potential to be integrated with your nurse call system may be very useful to you, so it is very important to ensure that your specific needs can be met by the system you choose.
  • Practicality. Ensuring that your system will function optimally within your setting is of the utmost importance, so you should ask questions about how the tags in your wander alarm system can integrate with your nurse call station, allowing your staff to monitor battery life and check that tags are functioning correctly at a glance.

Are You Looking For Nurse Call Systems in Ireland?

Protecting the elderly or infirm patients in your care is easier when you talk to us at Sound & Vision Communications to find out how our nurse call systems can benefit your setting. We will help you to decide which system will work best for you, and we also supply many other products that can help to streamline and simplify your setup.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice from our experienced team. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.



Choosing An Infant Protection System For Your Setting

Protecting infants and children is a very high priority for any care provider, but if you are responsible for keeping newborn babies safe from the threat of abduction, you will want to find the very best infant protection system out there. Every manufacturer will encourage you to consider their products, but this is an important decision that will have a lasting impact, so it’s well worth taking the time to find out more.

The type of infant protection system that will work best for you will depend upon the sort of setting you are working within, and the type of care you provide. Our guide to choosing the best system for you could be a useful reference point for you to begin your research.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Infant Protection System:

Ask yourself the following questions to find out which system we might recommend for you and your setting:

  • How will staff manage the system? Your nursing staff will be under pressure to provide the best possible care at all times, so it is vital to ensure that your system will not cause extra hassle for them. Consider a system that makes communication between staff members easier, is not complicated to use, and has a straightforward alert protocol.
  • What does it cost? Of course, protecting the infants in your care is priceless, but every setting has budget limitations and considerations. Weigh up the upfront cost of all equipment and hardware alongside the lifetime and maintenance costs, remembering that technological advances often make products such as this obsolete in the face of newer, more efficient options.
  • Is it secure? A system that is designed to protect vulnerable babies and their families must, above all, be secure. Your system should be set up to create a secure perimeter that cannot be breached without alerts, and to allow for matching of mothers and babies, as well as tracking an infant that goes missing.
  • Is it unique? Many care settings suffer from an excess of alert and alarm systems. Standard fire and security alarms compete with medical observation alerts and can create an environment that leads to alarm fatigue. This is a very real consideration when choosing your infant protection system, as your alarms will only work if they are easily identifiable and are heeded immediately.

Are You Looking For Infant Protection Systems in Ireland?

Here at Sound & Vision Communications, we know how important it is to keep the most vulnerable members of our society safe. If you’re searching for an infant abduction alarm or a system to protect elderly patients, we can help you to decide which system will work best for you. We have an extensive catalogue with options for every setting, and we value user friendly, cost effective solutions.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice from our experienced team. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Why We Recommend Cuddles Infant Protection System

An infant security system such as the Cuddles infant protection system can help you to protect the vulnerable newborn patients in your care, and we recommend this system because we know it works. Taking responsibility for keeping newborns safe can be overwhelming, so you need to know that you can rely on the system you choose to help you in this role.

An infant abduction alarm is a must in an environment that offers care to newborn babies and infants, and the parents of the children you care for will be reassured to know that your provision is top quality. Here at Sound & Vision Communications, our expertise can help you to provide the best possible care to your patients and their families, and we’ll always be happy to advise you on the best system for your setting.

5 Reasons Cuddles Infant Protection System Stands Out:

We pride ourselves on knowing our products well, and we only offer the best quality systems to our clients. We recommend Cuddles Infant Protection System because:

  1. It’s easy to use. Caring for vulnerable newborns is a highly stressful role, and a system that is designed to make life easier, rather than complicate things, will be much more practical in any setting. Cuddles is simple to use, with excellent hardware and software that work together to create a great solution. It takes moment to activate tags and admit and discharge patients, so your staff can concentrate their energies on caring for their little charges.
  2. It’s reliable. Preventing infant abductions relies on having a system that can alert all key sensors and users immediately if a situation arises, and provide the real-time notifications and responses that are essential in the case of infant abduction. Cuddles is designed to share crucial information at optimum times, and it’s not dependent on a PC or server, so your system is secure at all times.
  3. It’s unique. Newborns are all unique, and an adjustable bracelet that can accommodate normal weight gain and loss is ideal for this type of system. The Cuddles bracelet is comfortable and soft, but entirely secure and tamper proof. Parents and carers love this system as it protects their precious little ones so well.
  4. It’s comprehensive. Cuddles is designed to activate as soon as it is cut or pulled off an infant, and the system is built to withstand problems and remain efficient at all times. The support provided to users is second to none, and you can be assured that an authorized dealer will be on hand when needed, as well as a free 24 hour technical support program and a 12 month warranty.
  5. It’s highly regarded. Accutech, the manufacturer of the Cuddles system, is a market leader in infant protection and is highly regarded by hospitals worldwide. Many hospitals and birth settings use this system because it’s ideal for protecting newborns and reassuring their families that they are in safe hands.

Find Infant Protection Products in Ireland

At Sound & Vision Communications, we are proud to supply the Cuddles Infant Protection system, an infant security system that truly offers reassurance and peace of mind. We’re here to help you to find the best options for your setting, so talk to our experienced staff today.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Your Guide To Nurse Call Pagers

If you’re managing a residential care or assisted living facility, you may be considering the best type of nurse call system for your setting. There are several different types of system available, and it’s important to think about the specific needs of your patients or residents and your staff team when you are making this decision.

The number of display panels that your system uses can have an impact upon the cost and effectiveness of the system, and is an important factor when you’re working out what is best for you. An alternative is a pager system that can allow all staff members to monitor calls and answer alarms, and we recommend the Responder 5 system as a high quality solution that suits many settings.

What Can The Responder 5 Nurse Call System Offer Your Setting?

We are very impressed with the Responder 5 nurse call system and we can help you to work out whether it will be effective in your setting:

  • Fast, direct communication. There’s no need to worry about a call ending up in the wrong place with the Responder 5 system, which is designed to ensure that the right person gets the correct call every time. Patient calls are directly relayed to the pagers or wireless phones of nurses in real time, and nurses can communicate between themselves, and with other staff members and clinicians, with ease.
  • Quiet operation. Many systems have the unwanted side effect of making a lot of noise, which is disruptive to patients and to the healing environment. The Responder 5 system minimizes stress as it is quiet and discreet.
  • Simple usage. The Responder 5 system is simple to use and easy for staff to manage, streamlining their time to work more effectively with patients or residents. The system is fully customizable, and a simple training session should enable all staff to benefit from the time saving functions.
  • Flexible programming. Being able to direct calls to the right place is a huge benefit of the Responder 5 system. Users can differentiate between calling the cleaning staff, administrator and transport services, and all staff can communicate effectively with each other without disrupting patients or residents.

Are You Looking For Alarm Systems in Ireland?

When you are caring for elderly or infirm patients, you want to know that your nurse call system is reliable and high quality. Contact us at Sound & Vision Communications to discuss which nurse call system will work best for you and your setting.

We stock many products that are designed to bring peace of mind to patients and staff, so browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Wired Or Wireless Nurse Call Systems?

When you work in a care setting that often requires you to be in more than one place at any given time, a reliable nurse call system is indispensable. Finding the right system for your environment, however, can be a complicated process.

One of the main factors to consider is whether you would gain the most benefit from a wired or wireless system. Here at Sound & Vision Communications, we can discuss your situation with you and help you to work out the best solution, which will usually depend on the building you work within and your patient profile.

Would A Wireless Nurse Call System Work For You?

Ask yourself the following questions to find out which system we might recommend for you and your setting:

  1. What sort of building are you working within?  If you are fitting a nurse call system into a new build, we would usually recommend that you opt for a wired system that will involve less maintenance. In an existing facility, however, you would need to accommodate significant upheaval, including lifting carpets and floorboards, cutting channels into the walls and re-decorating. The significant cost and stress of these processes lead us to suggest that a wireless system may be a better option in many buildings.
  2. What sort of patients do you work with? Are your patients flexible and mobile enough to cope with the upheaval involved in fitting a wireless system? If you work with elderly or infirm patients, you may feel that the benefits of a wireless system outweigh the huge disturbance that fitting a wired system would bring. It is also important to note that the call points are fixed in a wired system, whereas a wireless system allows for quick and easy movement of points if the room requires reconfiguration at any time.
  3. Is ongoing maintenance a problem for you? A major benefit of the wired nurse call system is the reliability of the setup, which requires less maintenance than a wireless system. Annual battery changes are usually sufficient, and this may be included in your service contract, but you may experience other issues including poor radio signal strength in some areas, and these may be more complex to correct.

Are You Looking For Nurse Call Systems in Ireland?

Protecting the elderly or infirm patients in your care is easier when you talk to us at Sound & Vision Communications to find out how our nurse call systems can benefit your setting. We will help you to decide which system will work best for you, and we also supply many other products that can help to streamline and simplify your setup.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice from our experienced team. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Your Guide To Wireless Nurse Call

Here at Sound & Vision Communications, we like to stay ahead of the game by supplying products that offer excellence and reliability at affordable prices. We examine new products as they come onto the market, and if we’re impressed, we bring these to our customers for use in their nursing settings.

One product that has revolutionized the way that care homes and hospital wards are run is the wireless nurse call system, which can streamline and simplify the everyday running of a facility and save money and time while improving patient care. The type of system you choose will depend upon the nature of your setting, so talk to us today to find out what we would recommend for you.

What Can A Wireless Nurse Call System Do For You?

  1.  Simple installation. A wireless system is usually quick and easy to install, and involves a wall mounted or freestanding display panel that is the central control panel, and individual room units which are easily attached to a wall close to the bed of each resident or patient. This is much simpler than wired installation, which involves cables throughout the facility.
  2.  Adaptability. In a nursing facility, furniture is frequently moved and altered for different residents or patients, and this is not a problem for a wireless system to cope with. If individual room units need moving, this is a very simple process involving only two screws in most cases.
  3.  Effective technology. Wireless nurse call systems use impressive technology to collate call logs, which will save you time and streamline your reporting processes. Display screens are usually large and clear, so they can be viewed from a distance, and they allow for full colour displays that could be used to show daily planners or menus.
  4.  Remote management. You can access your information and monitor the system from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, and you will also be able to access remote support from your maintenance service provider in most cases.
  5.  Easy maintenance. Most wireless systems are easy to maintain, requiring only an annual battery change and regular testing to ensure good performance. If you have a maintenance contract, which will sometimes be included in your wireless system package, you will be assured of great service - and minimal problems - at all times.

Are You Looking For Nurse Call Alarms in Ireland?

We know that you want the most reliable systems to ensure continuity of care and safety for your patients, and using a nurse call system that is especially designed for this purpose can make the process simple. Contact us at Sound & Vision Communications to find out which system will work best for you and your setting.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice from our experienced team. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


How Nurse Call Systems Can Save You Money

A good nurse call system can help to streamline care and make organization of your nursing setting easier, but did you know that it could also save you money?

Whether you’re running a care home facility or a hospital ward, a good nurse call system is an essential tool for you and your team. Researching the type of system you want can be tricky, but our helpful team can help you to focus on the main considerations. Here at SVC, we believe we’ve found excellent choices for every setting, and we’d be delighted to talk to you about your options.

Cost Benefits Of A Good Nurse Call System:

We would always recommend choosing a reputable and good quality nurse call system over a cheaper alternative that aims to perform a similar role on a budget. This doesn’t have to mean spending a great deal, but it does mean that you get more for your money. Here’s why:

  1.  Maintenance savings. While a budget system may be unreliable and require frequent repair, a better quality system is likely to include a maintenance contract or an extensive parts guarantee. Better quality systems are also likely to be simpler to operate and more reliable, too, and often include a feature to automatically alert staff to any faults that occur within the system.
  2.  Wireless systems. Wireless nursing call systems can save a great deal of stress and money by ensuring that systems can be easily accessed without the hassle of hardwiring. This means you do not need to re-wire the system every time furniture is moved or patients change rooms, and you can access information from a central point.
  3.  Technology savings. A good quality wireless system can help to streamline the amount of equipment you need, minimizing the need for several screens and ensuring that all data is centralized. This can also save a lot of staff time, which is another considerable cost to take into account.
  4.  Information streamlining. A good deal of staff time can be spent collating information and data using a nurse call system that performs at a basic level. A more advanced system may be able to save time by collecting and analyzing data  such as call logs for you, freeing up your staff so that they can spend more time with patients or residents.

Find Nursing Care Products in Ireland

At Sound & Vision Communications, we know that caring for the elderly or infirm can be challenging and stressful, and we believe that our products can make this easier. Talk to our experienced staff to find the best solution for your setting, and find out how we can help to ease your mind. Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs


Patient Wander that does more and costs less

LS 2400 System

The preferred solution. Does more. Costs less.

"Hands down, the best wandering system I have installed in 25 years."

The LS2400 system is a low cost wander system that provides resident ID, loiter and door-ajar monitoring, low tag battery and several more alerts without the need for a computer. It's designed to be a fully functional dedicated system, or customized to integrate to your facilities specific needs. The LS system can provide resident ID and reporting capabilities at the door or nurse's station with the optional LCD display(s). It also uses a wider RF range that minimizes the need for an extra antenna for double door applications. The system is easy to use and can be installed and serviced by your maintenance personnel.

Adding the LS2400 display to the LS2400 controller at the door or nurses station adds the following capabilities:


On screen reporting (up to 30 of the most recent reports)
Day/Night timer programming
Resident ID at the door
Frequency and tuning adjustments for the controller from the display
Custom facility logos to be uploaded as the default display
Configuration of multiple zones from a single display
Optional photo of resident upon alarm at the door (with nurse call integration)


Contact us today for more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Lo Call 1890 480 480


Patient Wander: Buyer's Guide

Not All Patient Wander Systems Are the Same

We all know the importance of having a Patient Wander system to help keep more vulnerable residents inside where they are safe. But there are different types of Patient Wander systems and how do we know which is the best solution for us?

Click here to see our buyers guide

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Your Wandering Management System: Getting It Right

A wander management system is designed to address the problem of patients or residents in assisted living or care facilities wandering. Patient wandering is a common problem amongst facilities that house people with conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and this can present serious risks to the individuals involved. Wandering management systems are designed to combat this problem, but it’s vital to ensure that these systems are used correctly.

A recent case in the USA highlighted the need to configure a wandering system correctly in order to prevent harm to residents. In a tragic incident, a patient died after being able to wander through a door that had mistakenly not been linked to the wander management system. The resultant legal action revealed this error in configuration, and thus the need to ensure correct configuration at all times in order to protect patients and give staff the peace of mind they need.

How To Configure Your Wander Prevention System Correctly:

You can explore our wander prevention systems here, and talk to our experienced staff about the best solution for your facility. We are proud to stock the ResidentGuard LS 2400 system, and we believe that this is a great option for most situations. It can be scaled according to the size of your facility, and you will receive excellent technical support as part of your package.

In order to function at optimum and keep your patients or residents safe, your system must be configured correctly:

•    All patients who are at risk of wandering should wear a bracelet that works with the wander management system to trigger an alarm or alert staff if a protected boundary or exit is breached.

•    Alarms will be triggered without affecting the rest of the monitored patients, and can be programmed to function as localized alarms, alarms within the nurse station, texts or pages to pre-programmed numbers, and/or automatic door locking.

•    The system should be set up and maintained by qualified professionals, usually your maintenance personnel. You will be able to access 24 hour technical support, free upgrades, the best of good quality hardware and long-life tags that turn off when not being used.

•    The configuration of your system will be determined by the type of facility you manage, but you will need to consider how you will cover all exits and entrances, as well as any trigger points such as accessible windows and garden gates.

We know that those facilities using the ResidentGuard LS 2400 system recommend it highly, and we believe it offers a great solution to the problem of wandering at an affordable price.

Patient Wander Products for the Elderly in Ireland

At Sound & Vision Communications, we know how serious patient wandering can be. It’s vital to ensure the safety of your patients or residents, and we pride ourselves on supplying systems that offer great protection day and night.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Infant Security: Keeping Your Baby Safe

Nothing could be more precious than your tiny, helpless newborn. Protecting your child will likely be your most important concern for the rest of your life, so starting as you mean to go on is vital. Unfortunately, infant abduction and maternal separation are issues that can occur, including in hospitals and immediately after birth, and we believe we’ve found the solution.

The Cuddles Infant Protection system offers a unique way to ensure that babies remain safe and easily identifiable during their stay in hospital, and this can be especially crucial for babies in special care. Hospital staff and nurses tell us that they love this simple system, and here at SVC, we’re delighted to offer this device that uses technology to keep children safe. However, we’re aware of the vital importance of regular updates in keeping any technical product functioning at it’s best, and we always reinforce this message to our clients.

Using Technology To Protect Your Baby:

The Cuddles infant protection system is designed to be easy to use, as life is already stressful enough with newborn babies! Nurses, particularly in special care baby units, have a large workload and many fragile babies in their care. A system such as this can provide peace of mind and reassurance to them as they continue to offer excellent standards of care to the babies they look after.

The Cuddles infant protection system features:

•    A soft bracelet. The soft bracelet is fitted snugly to the ankle or wrist of a newborn baby, and carries a special tag that is comfortable and lightweight. If the bracelet is removed or cut, an alarm will be instantly activated to prevent abduction. Bracelets are made from a gentle polyester blend, and offer great peace of mind for parents and nursing staff alike.

•    An infant tag. A great solution for monitoring multiple babies is the infant tag system by which each infant is protected with an RFID-enabled, non-allergenic tag, which is uniquely identifiable. With this tag, it is possibly to instantly match mother and baby, and ensure that baby is safe at all times. The tag is easy to use, and any attempt to cut or tamper with it will result in an immediate lockdown of the perimeter and/or an alert to staff.

•    Self-guided software. Cuddles incorporates sophisticated technology which allows you to activate tags, admit and discharge patients and generate reports with ease. It offers instant protection, and comprehensive staff training is simple and fast. You will have the ability to monitor multi-floor settings if appropriate to your facility, and software updates are free.

Infant Protection System Updates:

Any system is only as good as the technology that it relies upon, and this is why Cuddles infant protection system includes free updates. The infants in your care will be safest if you are always using the most recent features, and making the most of the latest benefits.

Find Infant Protection Products in Ireland:

At Sound & Vision Communications, we know that caring for babies can be challenging and stressful, and we are proud to stock products that can help you in this role. Talk to our experienced staff to find the best solution for your setting, and find out how we can help to ease your mind. Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.




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LC 1200 and LS 2400 Wander Management Systems From Accutech Are Certified To Be Sold Within The European Economic Area And Meet The Growing Need For Elopement Security In The European Market.

June 3, 2016. Franklin, WI - Accutech Security announces that the LC 1200 and LS 2400 ResidentGuard wander management systems will carry the Conformité Européenne or CE marking compliance with the relevant EU legislation applicable to radio frequency products. By meeting the legal requirements to achieve CE marking, Accutech is now able to sell the LC 1200 and LS 2400 systems throughout the European Economic Area.All wander management equipment will maintain the "CE" mark

In partnership with Sound and Vision Communications, an authorized dealer in the Republic of Ireland, and Cekura, in Denmark, Accutech Security is immediately poised to meet the rapidly growing need throughout Europe for residential facilities that can care for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Now that the LC 1200 and LS 2400 systems meet the requirements of the applicable EC directives, Accutech is focused on building a robust partner network throughout the European Union in anticipation of significant demand. A recent study on aging in Europe and North America from the European Center for Social Welfare Policy and Research states that 174 million people are aged 65 years or older - about 40 million people more than 20 years ago. This is expected to increase further by about 93 million people within the next 20 years. A drastic rise in cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia is anticipated with this increased population.

“Just as we are seeing in the United States, there's an increasing demand for supportive environments that meet the specific needs of this population while allowing people to live safely and comfortably among loving partners and family. It is critical that care homes meet these challenges with security measures that address the risks inherent to this population but respect the choice, dignity and independence of all the residents in their care.” Said Chris Konicek, Sales and Marketing Director of Accutech.

Accutech Security is keenly aware of the impact this rapidly expanding need for assisted care is having on the healthcare industry, globally. Accutech is a leading manufacturer of perimeter-based, RFID-enabled products to ensure the safety and security of residents in hospital and senior living settings. Accutech’s ResidentGuard wander management systems give Alzheimer’s, dementia and other “at-risk” residents the ability to move freely about their facilities while receiving the protection they—and their loved ones—need. Using advanced RFID technology, these perimeter-based security alert wander management systems put caregivers at ease while enabling them to direct their energies toward other important tasks.

In a recent customer survey, over 90% of respondents said they would recommend Accutech products to a peer and over 90% said the same about technical support. Accutech Security's specialized, RFID-enabled solutions have been installed in more than 5,000 locations worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of security systems for over 30 years, Accutech has extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions for the safety and security of people and property within a facility. All Accutech systems are assembled in the U.S., and installed and serviced by a vast network of authorized dealers, creating the most comprehensive customer service program in the industry. This network will now extend to the European Economic Area.

Nurse Call Systems: Making it Easier for Your Patients

When you’re caring for patients, a nurse call system is essential to ensure that you can respond to the needs of each individual while maintaining a high standard of care for everyone at all times.

One vital aspect of using a nurse call system is ensuring that your patients are comfortable with the system and confident to use it correctly. This can, of course, make the difference between successful care and potentially dangerous situations. There are many different types of nurse call system available, but whatever type you choose, the most important thing is to ensure that it is used correctly by your patients and your staff.

How to Help Your Patients to Use Nurse Call Systems Effectively:

  1.  Explain more than once. It is very important to familiarize a patient with their nurse call system as soon as they arrive in your setting, but remember that this can be an overwhelming time and patients may not remember everything they are told on arrival. Make sure that you take some time to go through the nurse call protocol again when they have settled in, and check that they have fully understood how the system works.
  2.  Practice. Giving your patients a chance to practice using the nurse call system will help to ensure they are familiar with the way it works and can ask any questions to clarify their understanding.
  3.  Involve family or friends. You should ensure that the family and friends who visit your residents are also familiar with the nurse call system, both in case of emergency and to reinforce the protocol with the residents should they forget or have trouble with the system. Explain it briefly to each visitor, or ask your residents to explain, which will keep it fresh in their minds and ensure they are confident with the way it works.
  4.  Respond quickly. The key to encouraging your patients to use a nurse call system correctly is to respond as quickly as possible so that they view it as an efficient way to communicate. Some systems work via a triage system, making it possible for a central ‘triage’ carer to respond and find appropriate help, and some systems work by directly contacting, usually by a pager system, a carer who can provide support. It’s a good idea to discuss the options with an expert who is familiar with different systems, in order to find a set-up that suits you.

Find Nurse Call Systems for Care Settings and Hospitals in Ireland

When you’re looking for the right nurse call system for your residential setting or hospital, Sound & Vision Communications can help. We pride ourselves on always taking the time to discuss your individual needs so that we can find the right solution for you.

Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Fall Alarms for the Elderly: Peace of Mind for Everyone

When choosing a care or nursing home for themselves or for a loved one, most people prioritise safety, knowing that they will be better able to relax in an environment which offers security and monitoring as standard.

Falls are a major cause of worry for the elderly and their carers, with the risk of falling much higher among adults who are over 65. Falling can increase the risks of developing anxiety, or fear of going out, as well as injuries and pains that directly result from falls. Being able to reduce the risk of falling, or of injuring oneself during a fall, can bring peace of mind to the elderly and to those who are caring for them.

How to Prevent or Reduce the Risk of Falls:

  1.  Wireless fall, bed, chair and floor alarms. Wireless alarm systems not only eliminate the worry of tripping on wires, but also provide a quiet, stress-free solution to this difficult problem. These systems are versatile and easy to use, alerting carers when a fall or potential fall occurs. For example, a chair alarm can alert a carer if a patient arises from a chair, putting themself at risk of falling if their mobility is severely impaired. You can read more about our range or wireless fall alarms here.
  2.  Voice sensitive alarms. Fear and anxiety play an important role in increasing the risk of falls. An alarm system that allows a carer to communicate with a patient, for example to reassure them that the carer is on his or her way, can help to alleviate anxiety and reduce the risk of a panic-induced fall.
  3.  Bathroom aids. Retaining independence is often of crucial importance to the elderly, and when it becomes more difficult for them to manage alone, there are many simple devices that can be fitted to reduce stress and encourage independent movement for longer. Find out about bathroom safety rails, anti-slip handles and other bathroom aids to prevent falls in this problem area.
  4.  Hip protectors. Hip protectors are a great way to give peace of mind to those who are particularly frail or have previously fallen. Sewn in hip pads and removable tailbone pads are especially helpful to reduce the risk of injury, and comfort is assured with memory foam pads that contour to the body. Read more about hip protectors at

Are You Looking For Wander Alarms or Fall Alarms in Ireland?

Protecting the elderly or vulnerable from the risks of falling can help to alleviate a great deal of stress and tension, and ensuring that you have a range of reliable products on hand to reduce this risk can be very simple when you talk to us at Sound & Vision Communications.

We want to help you to find the right solutions for your setting, and we pride ourselves on having the best answers that technology can offer. Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Wireless Nurse Call Systems: Making Life Better for Everyone

Caring for elderly or infirm residents demands a high level of efficiency, monitoring those in your care and ensuring their wellbeing at all times. New nurse call systems are available to revolutionize this process and bring peace of mind to your patients as well as to you and your staff team.

Wireless nurse call systems are easy to use and give great consistency of monitoring across a residential care facility. Moving away from noisy and inefficient alarm systems, wireless nurse call systems offer many benefits that will help to streamline your service, save you time and improve your ability to respond quickly and efficiently to need.

Reasons to Choose Wireless Nurse Call Systems:

  1.  They’re easy to use. Modern wireless nurse call systems are fully customizable, so that the right person can be reached in good time. This means that you can allocate roles and save time and confusion around working patterns, as well as getting vital assistance to your patients more quickly.
  2.  They’re quiet. Traditional nurse call systems are often noisy and stress inducing, but the new systems available are quieter, making for a calmer environment in your facility.
  3.  They’re immediate. Instead of waiting for a response to an emergency call alarm or bell, a wireless nurse call system can direct calls from a patient to a nurse or carers’ wireless pager or phone in real time. Communication between devices also allows for consultation with other carers or medical professionals, and this means that your patients get the help they need as fast as possible.
  4.  They’re versatile. Nurse call systems recognize that not all patients are the same, and they offer a range of different devices that can be used interchangeably within their system. Pillow speakers and button activated call devices work well to contact the carer immediately with the minimum of physical effort.
  5.  They have many uses. Wireless nurse call systems can also be used to communicate within departments, making transporting patients easier, helping to co-ordinate essential cleaning operations and enabling contact between administrators and carers without hassle.

Care Products for the Elderly in Ireland

At Sound & Vision Communications, we’ve been at the forefront of the Healthcare Communications market for many years. We have the experience to know what works, and the technological expertise to find the most modern solutions to all your care needs.

We will be happy to help you to find the products you need for the elderly and infirm residents in your setting, and we understand the complex issues involved with providing care on a professional level. Browse online now or use the contact form for specialist advice. Alternatively, call today on +353 21 4870003 (Cork) or +353 1 4972660 (Dublin) to discuss your needs.


Rauland Nurse Call

Nurse Call has changed

 It was not that long ago that your mobile phone was for phone calls and not much else but now it’s a communications device that many of us rely on for email, internet, GPS Location, Social medial and even phone calls. Nurse Call has also moved on from simply being a point of contact for a patient to call a nurse and the nurse then having to contact catering, maintenance, cleaning, a doctor or whoever the patients was really looking for.  Nurse Call has now become a complete communications system letting staff and patients get in contact directly with the person who can resolve their issue.

 We are proud to introduce Rauland Responder Nurse Call to Ireland.

Rauland is the largest Nurse Call Provider in the world with installations in over 40 Countries and over a million beds using their system worldwide.

How did Rauland get so popular?

 They realised that relying on the nurse as the point of contact for the patient was distracting the Nurse from performing their duties and delaying the patient from getting what they were looking for. 

They have developed the Responder 5 a complete Staff and Patient Communications system that is fully customisable to suite any type of ward or theatre 

How good is Rauland?

Its the only Nurse Call you can get in Europe with a 5 Year Warrenty 

Nurse Call, Bed Management, Theatre Workflow, House Keeping, Maintenance, Cardiac Crash Team, No Call goes unanswered, Patient Entertainment, Fall Risk Management Staff Satisfaction, Hospital Porters, Kitchen, Visitor Interaction, reduces Alarm Fatigue and Environment Noise  and much more 



Wireless Fall Bed, Chair and Floor Alarms

The new Secure® WireLess® System takes fall management alarms to the next level by eliminating tripping hazards, removing the alarm sound from the patient room, and employing the most advanced, continuous 2.4G patent-pending bi-directional wireless communication which minimizes interference within a facility and ensures secure, instantaneous communication between components. Competitive wireless 433MHz bandwidth is a much more overcrowded bandwidth prone to interference. Upgrade to the highest quality, most cost effective wireless fall management alarm system available today!

  • Flexible Set-Up - Mount the alarm monitor away from the patient or resident in a variety of locations to maximize safety, eliminate tripping hazards, and reduce the “nuisance alarms” that are so prevalent in healthcare facilities today. Monitor may be mounted or placed outside of patient room up to 150 ft. away from the transmitter for a quieter in-room environment.
  • Reduce “Alarm Fatigue”– Alarm monitor can be mounted with wall mount (included) next to and connected to a facility’s existing nurse call system with alarm monitor sound set to mute, eliminating in-room alarm sound and alerting the nurse’s station when unsafe ambulation occurs (requires optional NCI-1 Nurse Call Interface Cable).  
  • WireLess® Bi-Directional Technology (Patent Pending) – When triggered, the transmitter instantly sends wireless signal to alarm monitor without the dangerous delay found in many other patient alarms. The alarm monitor then sends a confirmation signal to the transmitter to stop the transmitter signal, effectively conserving battery life.
  • Multiple Applications – In addition to WireLess® bed and chair sensor pads, the WireLess® alarm monitor and transmitter can be paired with all Secure® bed/chair/toilet sensor pads, floor mats, and alarming wheelchair seat belt. Simply insert the transmitter in our AMH-1 holder and connect to any of the aforementioned Secure® monitoring pads, mats and seat belt.  Make the switch to WireLess® without having to purchase new sensor pads!
  • Auto Reset - Alarm monitor automatically resets once the patient gets back on the bed/chair sensor pad. Alternatively, the monitor can be reset by pressing the reset button located on the front of the monitor. When using a floor mat sensor, the monitor will continue to alarm until the reset button is pressed.
  • Secure Connection – Alarm monitor and transmitter communicate every 5 minutes to confirm both remain safely synced. If the monitor and transmitter become unpaired the alarm monitor light will flash and the alarm will sound continuously indicating the system is not functioning properly.
  • Low Battery Indicators – Both alarm monitor and transmitter feature low battery indicators which alert staff and caregivers when new batteries must be installed. Batteries are included with both the alarm monitor and transmitter.
  • WireLess® Sensor Pads – Ultra-thin WireLess® bed & chair sensor pads are antimicrobial, latex-free, incontinent proof, and can be folded for storage. 
  • Wireless® Transmitter – Our unique Wireless® Transmitter can be removed and interchanged with our Wireless® Bed or Chair pad. Competitive wireless transmitters are sealed into the pads and cannot be removed.
  • 3x AA batteries included with the WAM-1 and 2x AAA with the WAT-1.
  • All components are covered by a one year warranty against defects and workmanship.


Sound & Vision team up with Accutech

Sound & Vision Communications Team up with Accutech 

A Wander Management System You Can Count On

The ResidentGuard wander management systems have a wide range of features providing options to fit any needs and budget. They also come with a comprehensive support program giving peace of mind when you need it most.

  • Notification of staff if residents try to leave the facility or wander into
    restricted areas
  • Easy-to-clean tags with discreet LEDs to indicate they are active
  • Quick resident assignment
  • Reduced costs due to long-life tags that can be turned on or off as necessary
  • Lower cost of operation with free training and software updates
  • Escort function
  • Protection against elopement and loitering
  • Cuddles Infant Protection System

    Protecting newborn patients from the threat of abduction has become a high priority in all well run hospitals and birthing centers. Providing high quality infant protection in a hospital environment is easier and more affordable than ever with Cuddles Infant Protection system from Accutech. Cuddles is an (RFID) electronic security system designed specifically to maintain the safety of infants in obstetric and pediatric departments. A small, tamper-proof infant protection tag is placed on the infant immediately after birth attached to our soft bracelet – a self-adjusting band, unique to Cuddles, made with an ultra-soft polyester blend that doesn’t cut or chafe the skin, and won’t fall off due to movement or changes in weight. If a situation develops where there is an unauthorized movement of the baby toward a monitored area, sensors will immediately warn hospital staff and automatically lock the door. Cuddles integrates easily with other security and access control systems your facility may already have in place–protecting investments you have already made.

    Accutech's Cuddles infant protection system aids the general safety and security of infants entrusted to your facility. Easy-to-use hardware and software work seamlessly, enabling nurses to spend less time managing a “system” and more time focusing on what matters most—caring for their infant patients.

  • Click Here for More 



Touchsafe Pro



touch safe pro

The display panel is the driving force of the Touchsafe Pro system. It alerts staff to the calls made from any call point or assistive device within your complex and directs help to the exact call location armed with the necessary information to deal with it effectively.

The Display Panel conveys a mass of important information at a glance. This includes call type, call location, patient name, nurse identity and call response time. Varying colour displays and alarm tones correspond to different call types to help staff to easily identify priority levels. Reminder calls can be programmed to occur at pre-set intervals to assist with timed medication and nightly checks. Additionally, a brief patient medical history can be called upon, as can a site map.


All calls will display on the panel. In the event of multiple calls, automatic system triage will display the calls in order of urgency. On multiple-panel systems the panels can be set up with zones so only calls from specific areas are displayed on the panel located within that area. However, when cardiac or emergency calls are received the system can be programmed to display these on all panels irrespective of zone. The panels may also be configured to operate differently during the day and night to account for changing staff levels.


Now with touchscreen capabilities, your nurse call system can be operated with ease. Antimicrobial additives prevent the growth of harmful micro-organisms on all of our devices and these are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.TouchsafeProCallPoint

The display panels link with our peripheral and telecare devices. These include our audio visual indicators (AVI's) to sign post a call to staff on duty, radio pagers to alert staff no matter where they are and our call logging software which tracks and stores all call data for your records.

Battery replacement warnings, tamper alarms and regular polling of radio devices automatically keeps the system functioning properly all of the time. Multiple battery backup options are available to ensure the panel is safe even when the power fails.

The Touchsafe Pro Display Panel is available in 15" as standard. However, we also supply a 10" version for areas in which space is restricted.


Introducing The Industry's 1st Anti-Microbial And Non-Skin Sensitive Bed and Chair Mats

Stop paying a small fortune for mats when you could be using the industry leaders for a fraction of the cost Industry's 1st Anti-Microbial and Non-Skin sensitive covers No Holes

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Anti-Microbial Patient Call Leads from Aid Call

Aid Calls'new Pear Push Lead has been developed with comfort and durability in mind but one of the most innovative features is the inclusion of anti-microbial additives into the material itself, helping to combat infections including MRSA and E-coli.

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