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 Technologie has changed and we move with those changes. Don't let someone make you work around their system we will make a solution that works around you and your clients. We offer Healthcare solutions from the leading manufacturers in Europe and America to ensure our clients get the best solution for their project. The products shown on this website are a guide to our services we have many more solutions. 



 We specialise in designing systems based on the clients needs so we will sit down with the client and yourself then design a system based on these meetings. We are not tied to one manufacturer or system so it is not a one system fits all approach because we know each project has different requirements. We can provide you with the most flexible solutions for design and build projects.


Electrical Contractors

 We have more options then anyone else when tendering for a project we can supply & commission and we can also offer the option of installation. We work with more manufacturers and systems than anyone in Ireland so we know what clients want and we have the systems to meet those needs. We supply many different manufacturers of Nurse Call system contact us to find out more. 


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